ELEVATE delivers a broad range of social and environmental supply chain assessments that support impact-driven responsible sourcing programs.

Supplier transparency is core to understanding risk

Social and environmental compliance is about discovering and understanding risks with suppliers in the supply chain. Supplier transparency is the fundamental building block to understanding risk.     Without transparency, it is difficult for an audit to report on risk exposure associated with wage underpayment, excessive working hours, child labor, unauthorized subcontractors, compliance to social insurance, harassment and prison labor to name a few.  Supplier transparency is part of ELEVATE’s DNA.

New and emerging risks demand program flexibility and speed of response

Audit programs need to be agile to respond to new emerging risks. We develop innovative solutions to uncover and manage risk from social and environmental to building, electrical and fire safety.  ELEVATE was the first firm to integrate anonymous worker surveys into the assessment process.  ELEVATE also developed the first KPI based monthly monitoring program which captured both business and social indicators to show the links between business performance issues and social non-compliance.   Recognizing the role unauthorized sub-contracting played in exposing retailers and brands to many of the high-profile supply chain tragedies, ELEVATE has developed EiQ, its data analytics platform, to create predictive models to assess the likelihood of unauthorized subcontracting, human trafficking and labor unrest to name a few.  We are innovators and thought partners.

Compliance is dependent on supplier ownership

It is factory compliance that buyers check, but there is a vendor/supplier/licensee that holds the business relationship, introduced the factory to the buyer and can influence factory commitment.   Factory audits are indicators of vendor ownership.  For the more important vendors, ELEVATE has a series of comprehensive vendor evaluation tools and processes to help vendors own their factory’s performance.   ELEVATE’s audits and systems are your gateway to better managing supplier ownership.

Continuous improvement and program effectiveness are the ultimate objectives

Effective programs focus on highest risk, uses the influence the buyer has to drive improvement and channels program investment where it can have greatest return.  These are deliberate While we can support companies whose currents needs may be a one size fits all audit program, we are advocates of continuous improvement and program impact.  ELEVATE is your partner in going Beyond Audit.


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